We have a commitment to share our passion, experience, and expertise, as well as our objects. We see ourselves as both an educational body as well as a commercial enterprise.
We have opened our collection to scholars for research and our also work with Hanoi’s cultural organizations such as Friends of Vietnam Heritage, United Nations International School Education Programs, Museum of Ethnology, History Museum; and exchange cultural groups visiting Hanoi.


We provide guide services for authoritative tours of:
 – The Museum of Ethnology (English, French, Vietnamese)
– The Museum of History in Hanoi (English only)
For groups from 2 to 20, these focus on topics and information of particular interest to the seasoned traveler from outside Viet Nam. Clients include travel companies, university groups, and art museum groups.
Cultural Activities - Museum Experiences
Cultural Activities - Museum Experiences


We give both formal and interactive talks on a variety of topics in the areas of tribal culture, tribal art, and antiques. Examples include:
– Textiles as Identity
– Shamanic Traditions of the Northern Mountains
– Technology of Neolithic and Bronze-age Cultures
– Assessing Authenticity of Buried Bronze
– “Every Object Tells a Story”- select objects as windows into the cultures and the people who created them.
Cultural Activities - Interactive Lecture Experiences
Cultural Activities - Interactive Lecture Experiences


Hmong Hours-discussions with rural-based Green Hmong women.
Shamanic Hours-discussion/demonstrations with shamans of the Taoist-Buddhist traditions of the northern mountain groups.
Batik Hours- participatory sessions on creating wax-and-indigo traditional patterns on hand-loomed cloth.
Cultural Activities - “The Mountains in the City”
Cultural Activities - “The Mountains in the City”