Tribal textiles

Textiles, as clothing, are perhaps the most personal of possessions. In tribal societies, their importance is magnified many times, especially for women. It is a means of expression and of communication.

• They proclaim an individual’s identity: tribe, clan, hometown, gender, age, marital status, social status, wealth.
• They attest to allegiance- to the group, to tradition.
• Superior skill in this “womanly art” can translate in greater “marriagability” in largely homogeneous societies

In many tribal groups in Viet Nam, these traditions have changed little in a century (as documented by comparing photographs taken a century apart) and in most cases many centuries. Wearing traditional dress is both an honor and a responsibility-every woman, every day, all day. It is more than pageantry; it is history, and it is Identity.

We offer vintage clothing from the Northern
Mountains and the Central Highlands
Finest examples.
Skillfully repaired.
Hand-washed, then dry-cleaned.
Presented to the fullest advantage-box-framed, cloth-backed, or as worn or used.
Meticulously identified, described, and explained.