The 2500 years of recorded history in Viet Nam is generally acknowledged to begin with the Bronze-Age Dong Son culture, dated 500 BC to 100 AD. However, its precursor societies are identifiable much earlier- back another two thousand years or more. We offer objects the Neolithic cultures and virtually every period since. For example:

1. Phung Nguyen period (2500 B.C. to 1,500 B.C.)– Stone tools and blades
– Jade and stone earrings

Dong Son Culture (400B.C.-100A.D.)
– Bronze blades, tools, and jewelry.
– Bronze containers and grave replicas.
– Unglazed ceramics

2. Han Viet period (Chinese domination- circa100-1000 AD)– Small bronze containers and tools
– Bronze jewelry
– Glazed and unglazed ceramic

3. Dynastic period (1000 AD to 1943 AD)– Single-color glazed ceramics (green, white, brown, etc)-1000-1500 AD
– Blue-and-white ceramics (1400 AD to 1900 A.D.)
– Focused collections-
+ Lime containers: ceramics for household, bronze for travel.
+ Teapots.
+ “Piggy-banks” (coin-filled ceramic vessels, buried for centuries).
+ “Shipwreck ceramics”-small vessels from recently discovered